Our school over seeing team member work in every level of education. They may direct programming, hue and supervise staff, management budgets and make decisions that affect the academic community making policies and procedures and setting educational aims and standards is the responsibilities of an educational administration.

Name: Ms. Vijay Dogra

Designation: Office Incharge

D.O.J: 1993

Name: Ms. Alka Sawhney

Designation: Transport Incharge

D.O.J: 15-02-2010

Name: Mr. Harish Sharma

Designation: Headmaster(Shiksha Niketan Sr. Sec. School) 

D.O.J.: 03/04/1993

Specialization: Science & Maths

“I, HARISH SHARMA, Headmaster (Shiksha Niketan Sr. Sec. School) feel great honour to share my experience on this platform. I feel honoured to mention that I have been one of the founder teacher of this institution. Its been 26 years of continuous hardwork and sheer dedication. With hardwork of our team and great vision of our principal sir we are now one of the leading institute in Jammu.”

Name: Mr. Amit Gupta

Designation: Incharge of Hr. Sec. Wing

D.O.J.: 15/7/2004

Specialization: Chemistry

“It has been 16 years in this esteemed institution and I found myself equipped with patience and curiosity to learn more. Here my persona development tremendously. I believe working in a team spirit to raise the Academic, ethnic and all-round personality. Development of our school students to enable them to be responsible and enlightened citizen of this global society.”

Name: Mr. Sudesh Rana

Designation: 2nd Incharge 

D.O.J.: 05/10/2004

Specialization: Physics

“I have been teaching in this esteemed institution for 16 years. Teaching here is altogether different experience. The equanimity, positive aura and most importantly erudite peers/ faculty have helped me to enhance my teaching skills which I have promulgated among my students”

Name: Mr. Sachin Mehta

Designation: Incharge – Commerce

D.O.J.: 3/8/2004

Specialization: Accountancy

“Teaching is a profession that teaches all the other professions. I, Sachin Mehta have been working as a lecturer cum Incharge of the commerce wing for last 16 years in this prestigious and renowned institution of J&K. This school put relentless efforts to bring excellence in student. Our primary focus is to empower students with over all development and to produce the best talent among the students .”

Name: Ms. Kiran Jamwal

Designation: Incharge – Arts

D.O.J.: 13/11/1996

Specialization: Education

“Our school strives to create a positive learning environment. The school has a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. We strive to built a family like environment where everyone is welcomed. In our school parents community are wonderfully involved. Our students encourage and celebrate each other. Diversity is our strength.”

Name: Mrs. Veena Gupta

Designation: Incharge – HighWing

D.O.J.: 24/08/2003

Specialization: Mathametics

I am working in Shiksha Niketan Sr. Sec. School Jammu, since 2003. I have really gained good experience and learned much under the guidance of very professional and experienced management of the school.

I am really thankful to the school management for giving me chance to work in Shiksha Niketan Family.


Name: Ms. Ramanjeet Kour

Designation: Incharge – Middle Wing

D.O.J.: 30/12/2016

Specialization: English

I may not always say it but i mean it whenever say it. Thank you Shiksha Niketan for all the extra efforts you make do help me grow and in the challenges you encourage me to face it and help me to become who I am I believe that as teachers, we have the ability to rebuild the world for our students. By our sincere efforts we can make their world more rewarding, more gratifying and perhaps even more significant.

Name: Ms. Suman Gupta

Designation: Incharge – Primary Wing

D.O.J.: 01/04/2017

Specialization: English, Mathematics

I truly believe strong partnership between school and home leads to better growth and holistic development of students. We aim to help our students become valuable citizens of the world rather than just successful human beings. I am absolutely certain that similar feeling of pride exists among our glorious alumni too.


A team of zealous person that is our co-ordinators (faculties) are responsible for effective curriculum delivery, the achievement of departmental goals, learning outcomes and the meeting of targets and benchmarks. They have a key role in the development of a positive work environment that is innovative and responsive to student needs.

Name: Ms. Prabhjeet Kour

Designation: Co-ordinator – 10th

D.O.J: 02/04/2018

Specialization: S.St

I joined in Shiksha Niketan as a teacher of S.St for High Wing. My experience in this school is very good as I learned so many things from my incharge, headmaster sir and worthy Principal Sir.

The environment of the school is very positive and it boost every teacher to teach the students with full dedication. I would like to thanks the management to give me the opportunity to work with them.


Name: Mrs. Neetu Chouhan

Designation: Co-ordinator – 9th

D.O.J.: 27/12/2016

Specialization: English

“The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask which he finds it hard to answer.”

It is a great honour for me to be a part of Shiksha Niketan Sr. Sec. School Jeevan Nagar since 2016. I have learned a lot under the guidance of worthy Principal Sir. I have also upgraded myself and improved my teaching skills under this institution.

I am very thankful to school management that it gives me such a wonderful platform so that I can improve myself much more.

Name: Ms. Sugandha Sethi

Designation: Co-ordinator – 8th

D.O.J.: 10/11/2010

Specialization: English

“It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not fill the minds of students with facts…. It is to teach them to think, if that is possible, and always to think for themselves.”

It is having a great and a wonderful experience to be a part of this fruitful tree since 2010. It is a great honour for me that I have work under the guidance of very big personalities who are down to earth. This institution gives me a platform to prove myself. And now I have upgraded myself while learning in this institution.

Name: Mrs. Davinder Kour

Designation: Co-ordinator – 7th

D.O.J.: 26/11/2021

Specialization: Hindi & S.St

When you know your passions, it is easy to spend your life happily you already know what your goals are and what targets you want to reach.

             As i reflect on my time at school I am glad, I have given decade to this school, as a teacher and now serving as a coordinator i am glad that this year I got opportunity of responsibility of a coordinator. I have serving in this school as a teacher from past 12 years and I had a great experience.

Name: Ms. Sumita Sharma

Designation: Co-ordinator – 6th

D.O.J.: 22/9/2017

Specialization:  English & S.St

While teaching is a gift that seems to come quite naturally for some. Others have to work overtime to achieve great teacher status. Yet the payoff is enormous – for both, you and your students. Imagine students thinking of your when they remember that great teacher they had in school

Name: Ms. Divya Sethi

Designation: Co-ordinator – 5th

D.O.J.: 19/2/2018

Specialization: English & S.St.

According to me, a teacher is not someone solely confined to the four walls of a classroom. A teacher mentors the students with the purest intention of seeing them spread their wings and takes to the skies.

                                   My job is not to prepare students for something. But it is to help students prepare themselves for anything.

Name: Mrs. Jyoti Salaria

Designation: Co-ordinator – 4rd

D.O.J.: 25/01/2016

Specialization: English & Mathematics

The world belongs to children. They are the ones who are going to shape the world and bring peace and joy all over. Hence, the education in the life of a child cannot be overstated. As educators, we aim to support all students both academically and socially to make education a fun filled and growing experience on the solid foundation of values.

Name: Mrs. Nesha Prashar

Designation: Co-ordinator – 3rd

D.O.J.: 06/09/2010

Specialization: Mathematics & Computer

It is great experience to be a part of this institution. I feel very honoured working with such a great personalities. I have learnt a lot in this profession. The purpose of education is to develop certain qualities values in children so that they become good citizen.

Name: Mrs. Kamaljeet Kour

Designation: Co-ordinator -2nd

D.O.J.: 07/04/2012

Specialization: Hindi

 I am very thankful to be a part of this school as this school give me an opportunity to serve my knowledge to children studying in this school. I am also thankful to have an opportunity to be a part of many events helding in this school.

Name: Mrs. Meenal Sawhney

Designation: Co-ordinator – 1st

D.O.J.: 01/04/2014

Specialization: Hindi

As a teacher, one must bring out the best in students and inspire them to strive for greatness – a teacher imports knowledge, good values, modern-day challenges and way to resolve them with in students.